How many volunteers does it take?

Approximately 14 volunteers with varying responsibilities including uniform/chaperone/medical duties/equipment
Away games
Approximately 18-20 volunteers with varying responsibilities including chaperone, equipment, medical, and uniforms
Home games
Approximately 32 total volunteers
10 volunteers to cover uniforms/stands chaperone/medical/spirit tent sales
4-6 volunteers for equipment
12-16 volunteers for concessions
Other events
Jet Blue and other fundraising activities require 10-20 volunteers depending on event type

Volunteers Needed:

Flexibility is always a benefit as some volunteers may have last minute engagements/emergencies prohibiting them to fulfill their volunteer obligations and will need to be filled from within the current volunteer lineup for an event. Volunteers may commit to one or several events, we can use any help you are willing and able to provide. All volunteers will be required to fill out the official Lee County Schools volunteer form found here (Volunteer Form) before being able to volunteer for any event. Please return completed forms to Ms. Johnson as soon as possible.
– Band Concession Stand at Home Football Games (see J.D. Hollway)
– Chaperones at Home and Away Football Games
– Spirit Tent at Home Football Games
– Uniform Duties (see Patty Wagoner for questions)
– Other Fundraisers
– Equipment transport and setup (see Jimmy Newman)

Are you interested in volunteering?

Please select as many of the volunteer opportunities below that interest you:

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