Band Fees

Band Fees & Required Purchases

Students MUST pay the required band fee! This amount can be found in the band handbook. Checks should be written out to NFMHS Band and turned into Ms. Johnson or Mr. Daniels. If you’d like to know how much money you have in your account please refer questions to Ms. Johnson. If you are concerned with payments, please direct questions to Ms. Johnson or fill out a payment plan in Documents and Forms. There are also several fundraising opportunities available for all students and parents to assist with covering the associated fees.

Fee Breakdown

$250 Competitive Band Fee

$15 Competitive Band Shirt Fee

$3.50 Glove Fee

$2.00 Sock Fee

$15.00 Color Guard Gloves

$28.00 Marching band shoes (one white pair and one black pair)

Lyre & Flip Folder prices vary and are instrument specific. Available @ Cadence Music or other online retailers

Why are band fees so important?


Band fees help to cover the costs associated with our day to day operation. What band fees are used for are:

  •  Purchase new music for marching band and band students
  •  Uniform maintenance/alterations/cleaning etc…
  •  Events/competition entry fees MPA/Solo and Ensemble
  •  Instrument maintenance
  •  Purchase of new school use instruments
  •  Transportation costs
  •  Show props
  •  Food/ entertainment costs for students

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