This week:

–          Tuesday: Marching Band Practice 4-8 (all members)

–          Thursday: Marching Band Practice 4-8 (all members)

–          Friday: Away football game at Fort Myers High (all members)

o   Time details:

§  Call time – 3:30 PM

§  Depart on buses for Fort Myers – 5:30 PM

§  Kick-off – 7:30 PM

§  Depart for NFM – approx. 10:30 PM (Please note this time may change due to inclement weather!)

o   For students:

§  Clothing to bring: underarmour shirt, black socks, black dinkle shoes, athletic shorts (for under the uniform), jeans (in case of bad weather), gloves

§  You will be allowed to visit the concession stand during 3rd period. Please be sure to bring cash if you choose to eat there.

o   For parents:

§  Please be aware that inclement weather will delay games. If the weather is an issue, the band is told the time to leave by the NFM Administration. In order for everybody to stay on a schedule with communication, please be sure that you have enrolled in our Remind101 system that will text you with an update. In order to register for the parent Remind101, please text the word @g3edf8c to the number 81010 on your cell phone. We will utilize this system every game to ensure that all parents are on the same page with the page up time.

–          Saturday: Marching Band Practice 9-5 (all members)

Fundraiser: We’ve GOT ONE WEEK LEFT! 

·         Fundraiser Dates:

o   Present – Sept 4th

o   All money MUST be returned NO LATER than September 4th

·         Other important facts:

o   Students who check out a box or bag are responsible for selling ALL of the chocolate/gummies inside of that container. If a student doesn’t sell the entire container by Sept. 4th, they are responsible for turning in the correct amount of money to supplement that loss. No partially sold bag or box can be returned.

o   Once a student runs out of their item, they are encourage to come and get more to sell!

o   No student is permitted to sell either chocolate or gummies during the school day!

o   Each chocolate box contains 60 pieces of chocolate = $60.00

§  18 caramel

§  18 almond

§  12 crisp rice

§  6 dark chocolate

§  6 milk chocolate

o   Each chocolate bag contains 20 pieces of chocolate = $20.00

§  6 caramel

§  6 almond

§  4 crisp rice

§  2 dark chocolate

§  2 milk chocolate

o   Each gummies bag contains 10 packs = $10.00

§  5 gummies

§  5 sour gummies

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