All State

All State

Auditions will be held at Dunbar Middle School on September 19th.  Please find links to requirements and music under each category below.

Try out schedule:

StudentName Instrument AuditionTime Room
Chris Brice Trumpet 11:50 AM Trumpet
Donald Brooks Trumpet 1:10 PM Trumpet
Brandon Christensen Percussion 10:40 AM Percussion
Sam Decorte Trumpet 1:00 PM Trumpet
Evin Exposito Tuba 10:50 AM Low Brass
Adriana Ferragut French Horn 10:30 AM Oboe/Bassoon/Horn
Adriana Ferragut Trumpet 9:40 AM Jazz
Brianne Harper Flute 12:40 PM Flute/Piccolo
Andrew Pace Alto Saxophone 11:40 AM Saxophone
Patrick Rohrbaugh Bari Saxophone 1:00 PM Saxophone
Victoria Rubarski Trombone 9:50 AM Low Brass
Erika Sauer Flute 10:30 AM Flute/Piccolo
Ashley Schoenradt Bb Clarinet 1:40 PM Clarinet
Hannah Wagoner Bb Clarinet 1:50 PM Clarinet

Concert Band

9th-10th grades only
Concert Band Trumpet
Concert Band Tuba
Concert Band Trombone
Concert Band Tenor Sax
Concert Band Oboe
Concert Band Horn
Concert Band Flute
Concert Band Euphonium

Symphonic Band

11th-12th grades only

Symphonic Band Alto Sax
Symphonic Band Bari Sax
Symphonic Band Bass Clarinet
Symphonic Band Bass Trombone
Symphonic Band Bassoon
Symphonic Band Oboe
Symphonic Band Horn
Symphonic Band Flute
Symphonic Band Euphonium
Symphonic Band Clarinet
Symphonic Band Percussion
Symphonic Band Tenor Sax
Symphonic Band Trombone
Symphonic Band Trumpet
Symphonic Band Tuba

Jazz Band (coming soon)

All grades

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